Courtney for Oregon

Party Nominations


Planned Parenthood
Everytown for Gun Safety
Basic Rights
Oregon AFL-CIO
Ceasefire Oregon
IW 29
Humane Voters
Sierra Club
NW Carpenters Union
AFT Oregon


Jeff Merkley

Jeff Merkley
U.S. Senator

Andrea Valderrama
State Rep & ACLU Strategic Director
“Rep Neron listens to the voices of impacted community members and understands the importance of investing in youth, stable homes, and community safety across Oregon.”

Jaimie A. Fender
Mayor of King City
“She has, and continues to, show up for King City!”

Ron Wyden

Ron Wyden
U.S. Senator

Ellen Rosenblum

Ellen Rosenblum
Oregon Attorney General

Brian Asher

Brian Asher
Mayor of Aurora

Pam Treece

Pam Treece
Washington County Commissioner

Remy Drabkin

Remy Drabkin
Mayor of McMinnville
“When we’ve worked together of a variety of issues, including housing and government ethics, Rep Neron is thoughtful, informed, and a creative problem solver.”

Keith Mays

Keith Mays
Mayor of Sherwood

Yi-Kang Hu

Yi-Kang Hu
Tigard Planning Commission President
“Courtney understands the importance of connected communities, affordable housing, multimodal transportation options, a resilient local economy, and efficient public spending.”

Wayne Richards
Past Chair Charbonneau Civic Affairs
“I very much appreciate Rep Neron’s priorities and vision. I especially appreciate her views on open spaces and the protection of our farm lands.”

Kristin Akervall
Wilsonville Council President

Paul Evans
State Rep, Monmouth/Independence
“Representative Neron has been an important partner in reforming our statewide emergency management structure and systems, and a tireless advocate for veteran outreach and services.”

Casey Kulla

Casey Kulla
Yamhill County Commissioner
“Whether natural resources, road safety, inclusive communities, or civility in government, Courtney consistently engages with Yamhill County residents on the important issues.”

Jason Snider
Mayor of Tigard
“Rep. Neron has been a tireless champion helping our city address the affordable housing crisis at the Woodspring Apartments in Tigard.”

Julie Fitzgerald
Mayor of Wilsonville

Tim Rosener
Sherwood City Council President
“Courtney Neron has been an outstanding partner for Sherwood. She delivers more than just words; she delivers results.”

Chelsea King
West Linn-Wilsonville School Board Chair

Aaron Woods
CCC Board & Senate Candidate
“I am looking forward to working with her in the legislature on equitable high-speed Broadband Internet access for all, Cybersecurity, and other legislation we both support.”

Dacia Grayber
State Representative, Firefighter

WLnsvey Campos
State Representative, Aloha

Ben Bowman
Tigard-Tualatin School Board Chair
“From affordable housing preservation to human rights, Courtney fights for what our communities need.”

Rev. Joseph Santos-Lyons
“Courtney has deep roots in our communities, through family, schools, and church. I trust her to listen and act with integrity.”

Juan Carlos Gonzalez
Metro Councilor

Sean Garland
Former Sherwood City Councilor
“Courtney is a strong advocate for our city’s needs and works closely with our City Council to understand our goals and vision.”

James Manning
Senator, Junction City & Eugene

Jeff Reardon
State Representative, Happy Valley
“I appreciate Courtney’s ability to work well with others to find agreement on challenging issues.”

Anthony Martin
Hillsboro City Councilor
“Courtney is committed to making her community better and bringing everyone into the legislative process.”

Charlotte Lehan
Wilsonville City Councilor
“Courtney is a leader who is responsive to community concerns and the needs of her constituents. We need her continued leadership and advocacy to ensure a bright future for all Oregonians.”

Jules Walters
Former Mayor of West Linn

Sonya Fischer
Clackamas County Commissioner
“Courtney stands up for our county with policies and investments that support our families, natural resources, and our economy.”

Martha Schrader
Clackamas County Commissioner
“Courtney is dedicated,to serving her constituents in every way possible. She is smart, a good listener and one of the finest legislators in Salem.”

Ricki Ruiz
State Representative, Gresham
“Rep. Neron is a champion for education and leads with compassion & lived experience as a teacher. It has been an honor working on education policies with Rep. Neron. She will continue to bring positive changes to our education system in the years to come.”

Janeen Sollman
State Senator District 15
“Courtney is an ally in education funding, environmental protections, and gun violence prevention! With her values and leadership, Oregon wins.”

Dick & Sheri Schouten
State Rep & Former County Commissioner
“Courtney Neron understands what children and families need from our education and childcare systems and the importance of stable, family housing.”

Gerritt Rosenthal
Metro Councilor District 3
“Courtney supports the things I feel are important for strong communities: good education, good health care, & strong family support.”

Pam Marsh
State Representative, Ashland
“Courtney is a solid, thoughtful colleague, passionate about the needs of her community. I’ve been grateful to work with her on a number of shared interests, including expanding broadband to our unserved regions.”

Margaret Doherty
2022 Tigard First Citizen & Former State Rep
“We need educators like Courtney in the legislature fighting for our teachers and students.”

Reed Scott-Schwalbach
OEA President, Spanish Teacher

Nafisa Fai
Washington County Commissioner
“Rep. Neron has been doing a great job representing her district.”

Kirsten Wyatt
West Linn-Wilsonville School Board

Marvin Lynn
TTSD School Board
“Rep. Neron is one of the most highly engaged, energetic, visionary, and accessible leaders in the State of Oregon. I look forward to her continued leadership”

Heidi Lueb
Tigard City Council President
“Courtney is committed to a resilient and healthy future for our growing communities. She values honest and transparent government focused on the issues Oregonians care about.”

Khanh Pham
State Representative District 46
“As a teacher and parent, Rep. Neron works collaboratively with stakeholders to craft policy that lifts up all of our communities.”

KC Hanson
DPO Chair & Former Police Officer
“As a former police officer, I know Courtney understands how important it is to support effective public safety solutions that develop first responders who are well-trained, efficient and effective, and allows our judicial system to be resourced and solution-oriented.”

Valerie Pratt
Tualatin City Councilor
“Courtney takes the time to listen to the concerns of our community members and works hard to find solutions.”

Maureen Wolf
NWESD Board & OSBA Past President
“Courtney centers her actions on Oregon’s future. She is a champion for our children, environment, and Oregon.”

Imran Haider
Professor, Chemeketa & WSU
“Courtney takes time to have real conversations with members of our community and wants to make this state better for all ages.”

Simon Fulford
Child & Family Nonprofit Director
“Courtney is a true champion of the needs of our children and families, both local and across all of our beautiful state.”

Katie Dunwell
Wilsonville City Council Candidate
“Courtney’s support of working families and schools, in addition to her dedicated service to our communities during a difficult time for Oregon, have benefitted all of us.”

John Vandenberg
JD, Humane Voter
“We need to live in harmony with nature. We need Courtney Neron.”

Steve Rice
Teacher, Tigard High School
“Courtney is a tireless advocate for public education in Oregon. Years of experience as a classroom teacher connects Courtney with day-to-day joys and challenges faced by Oregon students, their families and teachers.”

Nancy Lewis

Nancy Lewis
Retired Educator
“Courtney is a very caring educator and accessible legislator who believes in honest government.”

Mike Hiland
Former Sherwood School Board
“Courtney’s support for the Student Success Act has helped bring much needed additional resources into our schools.”

Diana Cutaia
Small Business Owner
“Courtney values the worth and humanity of all. She is committed to connecting with those she serves and truly understanding their needs.”

Nicole Barker

Carol Greenough, Ph.D
Child Psychologist

Jane Bicquette & Peppy
Humane Voter, Sherwood
“Our legislature needs strong support for protection of wildlife and humane care for all animals. That’s why we vote for Courtney Neron.”

Maripat Hensel
Gun Safety Advocate, Wilsonville
“Courtney’s support for firearm safety fills an important role in Salem. She listens, cares about what I am saying, and offers helpful insight into legislative work.”

Laurie Wimmer
Education Policy Advocate
“Rep. Neron stands out for her integrity, principle, and effectiveness. Oregon is so fortunate to have her leadership In Salem.”

John H Meissinger IV
Sherwood Community Activist
“Rep Neron listens to the needs of the district, forms great working partnerships with local leaders, and has been instrumental in getting funds to the district for projects.”

Pat Johnson
Small Business Owner
“Courtney Neron is responsive and listens. She works toward solutions and has a proven track record of representing her constituents well.”

Brandy Penner
Former Newberg School Board Director
“Courtney shows up, cares, and is a legislative champion for robust and equitable public education for all Oregon students.”

Jill Hubbard
Computer Science Faculty, OSU
“Rep Neron has been a consistent education champion, providing greater access to higher education and promoting STEM education to ensure all Oregon students have access to high-wage, high-demand jobs.”

Kati Fantz McKee

Kati Fantz McKee
Teacher, Tigard High School
“Courtney Neron is a strong legislator who understands what our public school students need, both now and in the future.”

Kavi Shrestha
U of O Student Body Vice President
“Rep. Neron goes beyond lip-service and consistently shows up for students. As her former student I know she understands the problems we are facing and is a strong advocate for us in Salem.”

Lito Hernanz
OEA Former Asst. E.D.
“Courtney represents my family values in all the matters that count, especially education.”

Caroline Berry
Vice Pres WV Library Foundation
“Courtney is passionate about helping those in need. She listens for understanding, cares about improving the lives of her constituents, and has the knowledge and experience to get results”.

Terri & Bryce Harrington
Teacher & Software Engineer
“As a family with two school aged children, we appreciate having a teacher and mother in the House Legislature. Courtney gets things done for working families and is a fierce advocate for strong public schools.”

Local 5th Grade Student
“Representative Neron listened to me about how important it is to support schools and she really cares about what students need.”

Dr. Maxine Dexter — State Representative, Housing Committee Chair

David Gomberg — State Representative, Small Business Owner

Kate Lieber — State Senator, Community College Instructor

Deb Patterson — State Senator, Minister, Health Care Advocate

Tim Knapp — Former Mayor of Wilsonville

Ken Gibson — Former Mayor of King City

David Jaimes — TTSD School Board Director, Reynolds School District Administrator

Bridget Brooks — Tualatin City Councilor

Deborah Diers — Sherwood Resident

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